“Dream big dreams”

Alaina Ford, Staff Writer

At the end of the year 2021, Illumination produced a new sequel to the movie “Sing” called “Sing 2.” So far it has been popular among all ages, mostly children, though. Mrs. Willhite says her 3-year-old daughter, Rissa, loved the movie. Mrs. Willhite says, “The music was more catchy and I liked the storyline better.” Aubrie Schumacher echoed this sentiment by explaining, “The music was better and I liked the new characters.” 

“I was nervous that Mr. Moon was not going to get his dream of performing on the ‘big stage,’” Mrs. Willhite explained. Schumacher explains that she believes the main message of the movie is as follows: “Keep trying even if you mess up a few times.” While the storyline captured the audience, it’s no secret the music was enjoyed by all ages. Mrs. Willhite said, “I heard the song ‘Sky Full of Stars’ on the movie and I downloaded it, and Rissa and I listen to it all of the time because it was so catchy.” All in all, they both said they would recommend this movie to all ages because it was a good movie and it had enjoyable songs and energy. 

Movies directed towards children, like “Sing 2,” can teach valuable lessons. Rissa is no exception when after talking about the ending exclaiming, “Yay, Mr. Moon did it!” This movie has impacted Rissa and is sending a good message to the children’s viewers, showing them to never give up. Both Aubrie and Mrs. Willhite enjoyed the movie, and they thought it had a good message for children.