Buzzin’ into the season

Buzzin’ into the season

Aubrie Schumacher, Staff Writer

In addition to the many sports taking place in the winter/spring months, high school scholastic bowl is in full swing. In the past, Franklin has been known to bring home the MSM Conference title. A big change this year is that the scholastic bowl team is now a South County activity. “Franklin and Waverly had a pretty healthy rivalry going on, which has been a change for us,” Mrs. Black, the head coach stated. Franklin and Waverly are now combined on one team instead of competing against each other. 

Thad Bergschneider, team captain, explains, “We have a solid team core, most of them we had last year so we have experience.” The team has had two meets so far and they took home the win for both. Isaac Carter, junior, speaks about the success, “I think we are off to a pretty good start since we beat Pleasant Plains and they are a good team.”

A challenge that the team has to overcome is having virtual meets. Due to the threat of COVID-19, some of the meets are online, “We do have a good portion of virtual meets, and I thought we would be done with that last year. It is hard having to be on a computer screen and not being able to do the real thing when we all thought it would be back to normal this year,” Bergschneider stated. Carter, on the other hand, spoke about how he enjoys having most of the meets in Franklin. “It’s nice to have most of our meets at home because it allows us to get home a lot quicker than having to travel to all the different schools.” 

The scholastic bowl team faces many challenges including the difficult questions they are asked during the meets. However, they always find ways to work together and overcome everything they get stuck on.