New testing policy for sports

Isabella Lucas, Staff Writer

With sports trying to resume to some sort of “normalcy,” mandates for COVID-19 testing are coming about for junior high and high school athletes. Schools are just trying to have full seasons, and one way to make that possible is to test the players repeatedly to ensure they are negative. 

Athletic director, Mrs. Slaughterback, explained how the new testing protocol works. “The protocol is simple. Players test every 1, 3, 5, and 7 days. If the test comes back positive they are out for 10 days from sports. If negative, they are good to play in games. In other cases, if students decide not to test they are out for ten days upon testing day.” The start of this testing began when the second variant of COVID came around at the start of 2022. 

Whether this policy is fair or efficient has been up for debate. No matter how anyone feels, this testing policy was decided by the county and IDPH. Mrs. Slaughterback explains, “My personal feelings can’t go into this, along with anyone else’s. It is the professional side that I have to do what is told to me by my superiors.” 

Many like to wonder if this testing is helping the school stay COVID-free. Nurse Gina Hamilton stated, “I think that this testing is a great way to ensure the safety of our students.”