All this and more


Jordyn Colwell, Staff Writer

Poetry Out Loud is a program that encourages the study of poetry through recitation for high school students. Luckily we have a teacher dedicated to teaching students, Mrs. Black. She helps guide the students in analyzing poetry and competing once they are ready after many practices. This season usually happens in late winter/early spring. The program helps students branch out and grow in their public speaking as well as build their analysis skills.

 In our school, we have multiple people who have participated in Poetry Out Loud, but Thad and Cole are the students advancing to the regional competition in Springfield. They are both juniors and have been involved in POL for multiple years. Both Delaney and Bergschneider said they are nervous for their first meet but once they start it always goes away. This doesn’t mean that they don’t experience difficulty. Delaney explains, “It definitely takes some time to memorize our poems but the hardest part is picking the right one to perform.”