Summertime activities

Busy or relaxed?

Ella Prince, Editor

As we approach the halfway point of the spring semester, students and staff are ready for warm weather. Summertime activities will be starting sooner than we know it. While some may have a more relaxed schedule, others find that their schedules fill up fast.

Ms. Wisehart, Spanish teacher, explained how her summers are going to change from being extremely busy to more relaxed. “For the past seven summers, I have started working at Lenz Field (now Future Champions) every March until about November.” She explained that though this did bring in extra revenue to her household, she wanted to focus more on soaking up the summers while she has extra time to do so. “I have a niece and nephew that I am hoping to spend the most of the summer with. My sister lives in my hometown and being able to go back and see them with my extra free-time this summer will be really good.” 

On the other hand, summers are not always easy-going for some. Isaac Carter, junior, mentions just how busy his summers actually are. “Normally I start my summers off going on a vacation, but some years have been so busy with sports and work that we haven’t been able to go on any big vacations.” Carter explains that golf has taken a big part in his high school life. With South County golf being in the fall, the golf team must practice all summer in preparation for their upcoming fall season.

“I love golfing because it is a sport that I can bond with my family and friends. My grandpa likes to golf with me during the summer, and I love how we can spend time together.” Summer jobs also play a role in Isaac Carter’s life. “I am hoping to be employed at a golf course this summer. Our home course is Terry Park in Palmyra, so working there this summer would be nice because I can also practice there for my own golf team.”

Summertime can be relaxing and fun, but it can also be a busy time. These last few months of spring semester fly by, and summer will be here soon.