Poetry Out Loud


Alaina Ford, Staff Writer

Thad Bergschneider and Cole Delaney are representing Franklin High School at the state competition for Poetry Out Loud. Our two recitationists, Bergschneider and Delaney, recently just participated at the regional competition and placed first and second respectively. They submitted videos to be judged for the state competition on Friday, February 25.

They hope to place top 2 in the state and, if this happens, one of them will make it to the national competition.  Each winner at the state level normally receives $200 and an all-expenses-paid trip (with an adult chaperone) to Washington D.C. to compete at national finals. The state winners representing schools or organizations will receive $500 for poetry materials. This year, however, the national competition is virtual, so no trip will happen.

To prepare for these contests, Bergschneider and Delaney both practiced extensively.  “There is a lot of practice that goes into a competition 2-3 months before, finding and practicing and finding different ways to interpret and recite it [the poem],” Bergschneider explained. “Only two students advance from the regional competition. This is an important detail because Franklin has taken both spots for two years in a row, which is a huge deal,” said Coach Black. 

The boys encourage others to join them next year just by “showing up, you don’t even need to have any experience,” Delaney said. They would also recommend Poetry Out Loud to anyone that is looking for a new hobby, depending on their interest. Delaney says, “You can always give it a shot to see if it interests you.”

You don’t need to be a fabulous public speaker to participate in Poetry Out Loud. That’s part of what we work on. Confidence can be a huge factor, but so is work ethic. If you come with an open mind and like to have fun, this is the place for you!” encouraged Coach Black.