New gym, who dis’

Eva Smith, Staff Writer

Mrs. Slaughterback, our Athletic Director, is happy that our new gym renovation will represent the school as one, cohesive unit. Slaughterback said,  “I’m so excited to get this new gym renovated, it’s such an amazing thing to do for our schools. I wish our school would have more school spirit!” For example, she mentioned that she loves that for the volleyball games the student section would have themes for every home game.

Mrs. Slaughterback is the designer for our new gym. She got to pick out all the new mats and what goes on our floor. The floor will say South County on it, and the mats will have vipers on them. The two schools have not talked about this, but Willie Smith said it would be fun if we had another gym called the Snake Pit, and it would be in the middle of Franklin and Waverly. Mrs. Slaughterback explained, “That would be a very cool idea and in the future when the money is brought into it that it could definitely be a suggestion.” She likes that we are renovating our gym to make it feel more like home since our junior high is also in the co-op, so changing the gym to match the brand will be important. It would make it feel more cohesive if the school could get rid of the Flashes stuff. 

Now Mrs. Slaughterback says that there will be an honor wall in the new gym that will have Flashes memorial on it and show all the great players and team that we had. “The Flashes are part of Franklin’s history,” Slaughterback says. The Vipers are just a new beginning. 

While our gym is a decent size, students want it bigger and better. Mr. Nelson,  assistant boys basketball coach, says “Bigger is better and more seating is always better, but our gym is a well-sized high school gym.” 

Mr. Nelson is very excited about our gym. “I do like co-oping with Waverly. It gives the Waverly kids a chance to come to Franklin and take classes and for Franklin kids to go there and take classes.” 

Co-oping is a fun experience because students can find so many new friends by playing sports with them and having classes with them. Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Slaughterback said it would be a good idea if the school redid the locker rooms, too. Mr. Nelson says, “Redoing the girls locker room [is important] for sure, the girls locker room is small and we could make it bigger.” Making the locker rooms more like the colors of our school and making them nicer would be a huge morale boost for our school, also.