Doughing the work

Thaddeus Bergschneider, Staff Writer

Cookies are nice little welcoming gifts, yummy little treats, or a nice splurge from a diet. They’re small, easy, and don’t take much time. Anyone can make them! Yet, some people make them a lot better than others‒ and Franklin’s Madi Springer is one of those people. She has turned a small baking hobby into a flourishing business and a competitive record book that recently won the FFA Section Proficiencies in Agricultural Processing. 

Springer’s transition into a business was started on FFA Advisor Brent Nelson’s prompting. “I started baking when I was around four with my grandma, then I started selling to friends and family, and then Mr. Nelson encouraged me to turn it into a business,” she explained. 

Running a profitable business while working around her schedule wasn’t easy at first. “It took me a while to get the scheduling down and figure out how to manage a business along with school and volleyball. But, with the help of Mr. Nelson and my mom, I was able to get planning, communication, and scheduling down,” Springer said. Even with those other time commitments, she is able to take 2-4 orders every single week. The quantity is impressive, along with the quality. Eva Smith said that “Madi’s cookies are top tier, ten out of ten” when she received a free taste test in her math class. 

As her business was started on Brent Nelson’s advising, part of the intention was to create a competitive record book over her high school years. Record books in FFA come in many different varieties and are judged on hours, money made, lessons learned, the detailed nature of them, and the nuance of the business created. Springer wasn’t pushed into the record books but excited to try to succeed herself. “A big motivation was seeing Luke Bergschneider and Luke Schumacher being so successful with theirs (record books) and I wanted to see if I could achieve the same thing!” she explained. Winning at the higher levels of District and State Proficiencies takes multiple years of record book work that can only be achieved as a junior or senior. As a sophomore, Madi Springer isn’t there yet, but don’t let her future success flour you!