Ending with a great season


Isabella Lucas, Staff Writer

This group of girls has not been able to make it to regionals since 8th grade. On Saturday, South County Girls Basketball finally played their way to the top. These girls played tremendously in comparison to their past years. According to senior Kaylee Ford, they have gotten this far because they are practicing every day, with Sundays off. Ford also stated, “I am very excited that we have made it this far. It is bringing back many memories from when we made it this far all the way back in 8th grade.” 

During this past game on Saturday, the girls were winning by at least 20 points. Senior Olivia Crayne said, “We were winning by so many, we even got to put in our freshman.” These girls have worked so hard to get to where they are now. Crayne also stated, “I believe we are worthy of winning. We definitely deserve to go this far with everything we have been through. Along with our new coach.”

“I improved a bunch this year. We had a really good record this year and I believe it is because we all have worked hard and were able to improve our playing,” Crayne continued. 

Even though the girls did not go as far as hoped, they are very proud of how far they did go. Ford said, “I’m so glad we had a great season. We tried our hardest and went as far as we could.” Crayne echoed, “I tried my hardest this season and I’m so proud of the team.”