Halftime collaborations

Aubrie Schumacher, Staff Writer

This year’s Pepsi Super Bowl halftime show was definitely a bit different from what we have seen in past years. It featured many popular rap artists, such as Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent. Most people have been saying that this halftime show was for the older generations, including millennials and generation X. Junior Alaina Ford noted, “I think that this halftime show was enjoyed by people of my generation and some older ones because the artist that were singing were from the past but they also have good enough songs that people of my generation also know them and enjoy (the songs).”

According to NBC News, “The Super Bowl halftime show was viewed by over 29 million U.S. households.”

I would rate the half-time performance as a nine out of ten, I think it was enjoyed by a variety of ages,” explained Ford. Another junior, Mikah Ribble, had a differing opinion, “I really think it wasn’t as impressive as many people think it was, I find it was really lazy and not near as interesting as past years.” The set for the halftime show consisted of many different rooms representing the many parts of Los Angeles, California. 

Another popular form of entertainment during the Super Bowl is the infamous commercials. “I watched some of the commercials but I also used the break as a good time to check things on my phone or get more food,” Ford stated. Most popular brands always tend to have commercials. “I don’t really watch any of the commercials in particular but I love getting a good laugh out of them,” Ribble stated. 

The Super Bowl, with all of its entertainment, is definitely looked forward to by many. We can look forward to seeing more artist collaborations and commercials every year. 

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