What’s the Word’le’

Cole Delaney, Staff Writer

The hit game ‘Wordle’ has been taking the world by storm. For those who don’t know, ‘Wordle’ is a word game that has six rows of five letters. You fill in the row with a five-letter word and the letters appear in different colors, depending on how right the letters are. The color gray means that the letter is wrong, yellow means that the letter is right but in the wrong place, and green means that the correct letter and has the correct placement. This pattern continues until you get the word correct or you fill the six rows with incorrect words.

The excitement has even hooked some South County students. “I started playing Wordle right about when it was getting popular. I play it every day, right in the morning. Wake up, do Wordle,” said Thaddeus Bergschneider. Like many other players, Bergschneider has a strategy to the word game. “No doubt I have strategy, you want to a lot of vowels in the first line. So, I usually do ‘adieu’ or ‘aloud’. Try go get those vowels locked in. Other people have this weird strategy where they get a letter right in the first line and keep it for the second or third lines.” Fellow junior, Isaac Carter, has a similar strategy, “I try to start with a vowel heavy word to get them out of the way.”

The game has recently been bought by newspaper company The New York Times. This change of ownership has made some players view the game differently. “I was very worried about it because The New York Times has a selection of games that you have to pay for. They’re behind the pay wall, so I was worried about ‘Wordle’ also getting put behind the paywall, but overall they’ve done pretty good. I do think that their recent buying has had some effect on the words that have been in the game lately,” says Bergschneider. But there will always be a special place in the players’ hearts, and maybe a little more in the case of Bergschneider, “I think the game might die off a little bit, but the people that really play, like me, are gonna keep playing. I think I am basically addicted.”