Small town, big dreams


Jordyn Colwell, Staff Writer

In the small town of Franklin, FFA and agriculture are very important to our community. Whether that’s in school being taught by Brent Nelson or at home from the surrounding farms. Recently four students have competed in the Section 14 proficiencies with their record books. SAE is a website where you can put in work hours and other things to keep track and go and win different things for school and college. These students were Thad Bergschneider, Madi Springer, Kaylee Ford, and Alaina Ford. Section Winners were Kaylee Ford, Food Service, and Thad Bergschneider, Poultry Production. 

“I had to get ready to change my schedule and orient myself towards the sole goal of keeping these turkeys alive and healthy,” Thad explained. “I have to prepare myself to be able to go into the classroom with students of different ages and be able to change my lessons for each age that I teach,” Lainee said. Both said this was a big learning opportunity and has helped them. Kaylee believes she deserves this award for all the hard work she has put in as well as helping her become successful.