Madden Delaney


Lenajean Hurst, Staff Writer

Madden Delaney is a freshman who has attended Franklin since Pre-K. She is the most proud of becoming the co-valedictorian of her 8th grade class. You may not know just how involved Madden is at Franklin High School; she belongs to the chess team, scholastic bowl team, student council, and the swim team.

Madden said she is intelligent, caring, athletic and friendly. While her friends say she is quiet, intelligent and thoughtful.  When asked about her childhood she said her parents have had the greatest impact on her life and her mother is her role model because she taught Madden that it’s okay to be different.

Madden says she is different from her peers because she swims, hikes and loves camping. Madden spends her free time reading and hanging with friends.

Her favorite memory with her parents during her childhood was going to Colorado last year with them. While they were there, the brakes failed, and her family had to buy a brand new car. They also went hiking and had to hide in the woods for half an hour from a moose that had her baby with it. She did get to mountains and scenery, and her family rode the gondola up the mountain to walk around. She hopes one day she can be taller to reach things on a higher level.