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Fun in the winter sun

Abigale Trout, Staff Writer

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When getting closer to winter break, most students are not-so-patiently waiting for school to be out. They’re ready for the finals to be over, and to be able to just go home and relax for a while without all of the exams and stress about classes.

Not everyone stays home, snuggled up in a warm blanket watching Netflix. Abby Crow, Luke Schumacher, and Isabella Parish are all students from Franklin High School who went on an adventure during their break.

Abby Crow spent her winter vacation in Clearwater, Florida, at a hotel resort with her family for four days. She said that the most surprising thing she saw during their visit was dolphins.

Luke Schumacher also went to Florida, but he stayed in Bonita Springs with his family because they have relatives there. Unlike Abby, Luke got to spend two extra days in Florida. Luke thought the most surprising thing that happened when he was on vacation was being able to go to the beach in December.

Isabella Parrish went to Honolulu, Hawaii, with her family for five days. Isabella and her family chose this location because they thought that it would be fun and different. She thought that the most surprising thing that they did on their vacation was to swim with dolphins, and that the scariest moment was being on the plane. Isabella said that if she could go back the only thing that she would change would be to go scuba diving next time.

Not everyone at Franklin High School goes on exciting vacations when it’s time for winter break. Some people stay home and spend more time catching up on their favorite Netflix series, hanging out with family, or simply relaxing.  


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Fun in the winter sun