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Battle of the minds

Madie Kesterson, Staff Writer

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Franklin High School has a competitive high school scholastic bowl team. Scholastic bowl is a quiz-based competition that tests players on academic questions. This year, the team has grown to fifteen participants. 

While the team has grown this year, some members have been participating for years. Carolyn Wood, for example, has been in scholastic bowl since she was in sixth grade. This makes Carolyn the member on the high school team with the most experience thus far. Even with all that experience, Carolyn–and Callie Hughes, for that matter–both stated that they usually cannot answer any math questions.

The team recently had their first matches against Virginia High School and Pawnee High School. Bethany Bergschneider, a freshman on the team, scored the most points–with a total of 50 points–at the match against Virginia. Senior Dwight Nichols had a total of 40 points. Senior Carolyn Wood and junior Jared Miller had a total of 10 points. The Virginia Redbirds ended the match with a total with 90 points, while Franklin ended the game with 280 points.  

Earlier in the night, Franklin’s junior varsity team won their match against Pawnee, while varsity lost theirs by only 10 points. Dwight Nichols had a total of 30 toss-up points while Bethany Bergschneider and Jared Miller had a total of 20 toss-up points. Freshman Madden Delany had a total of 10 toss-up points. Pawnee’s varsity team ended the game with a total of 190 points, while Franklin’s varsity team had a total of 180 points. Bethany Bergschneider says the most frustrating feeling was when she knew she could answer the question correctly but the other team buzzed in before she could. She ended on a bright note, though, conceding that even though it can get frustrating sometimes, there is always a second chance.

The next match will take place on Wednesday, January 31 at Waverly High School against Waverly and Beardstown. Franklin’s matches begin at 5:30 p.m.


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Battle of the minds