Carolyn Wood


Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

Carolyn Wood is a senior at Franklin High School. She has attended Franklin since Pre-K. Carolyn is involved in scholastic bowl, varsity club, NHS, student council, track, and golf. Her favorite activity is scholastic bowl,which she has participated in since sixth grade. Carolyn’s friends say that she is an entertaining person to be around. She says she is different from all her other peers because she is true to all her friends.
Carolyn admits that there are a lot of people that have made an impact on her life. Kim Shafer, a former English teacher at Franklin, helped her step out of her comfort zone. Her sister, Liz Wood, reminds Carolyn to have a carefree life. Ms. Wisehart, the Spanish teacher at Franklin, has helped her learn Spanish and review her senior paper. Her senior project was about the correlation between lifestyles and diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Teachers at Franklin High School will tell you that Carolyn is a caring and hard-working student.
Carolyn spends her free time drawing, snapchatting, and taking pictures. In March, there will be an art show at Waverly High School where Carolyn will have some of her artwork in the senior section. Her favorite memory here at FHS is when Blake Gum hid a corn dog, a slice of pizza, two chicken nuggets, and a chicken patty in Mr. Morris’s room. When he found the food it was all moldy. Her second favorite memory is when she won homecoming queen her junior year.
After high school, Carolyn is going to attend the Air Force. She hopes to be an aerial gunner. Her two other sisters, Cheryl Wood and Ryan Wood, are also enrolled in the Air Force. Ryan is security forces and Cheryl is intel. Carolyn has her sights set on the future, but right now she is just focused on the Air Force and hasn’t really looked past that.