Doki Doki is not oki doki

How the kids have gotten into this darn anime game



Callie Hughes, Staff Writer

Have you heard those jokes about Doki Doki in Geometry? If you were wondering about the game or what it’s all about, we’ve got the scoop. Doki Doki Literature Club, otherwise known as Doki Doki is a game that was released in September of 2017. The game started off slow and not a lot of people were playing it. It became more popular after YouTubers like Pewdiepie, started to cover it. According to Freshman Blake Henke, that’s how he got into the game. Sophomore Leslie Stoeckel explained the game and said it first starts off as a dating simulator then progressively moves into a horror storyline that will break your heart. The game heavily breaks the 4th wall. Breaking the fourth wall is when the invisible barrier between the audience and the characters is broken or blurred in some way.

The storyline is based on one of the characters discovering they live in a game and trying to delete or change the game; the four main characters decide to make a literature club as well. You play as the so-called fifth character and decide how the game plays out–this makes you the fifth member of the club. The game starts out with the player wanting to join the literature club and moves on from there.

Leslie Stoeckel said that there were four main characters, but Ben Graham and Blake Henke disagreed stating that there were five. The five characters are you, Natsuki, Sayouri, Yuri, and Monika. 

Blake Henke said,  “It wasn’t a fun game to play. Most visual novels aren’t, the point that made it good was the storyline.” However, Ben Graham disagrees and says he enjoys the game.

I was surprised to find that Leslie, Blake, and Ben had quite different outlooks on the best characters of the game. Leslie said that everyone was her “best girl”–referring to her favorite character. Ben Graham said that Yuri was his best girl, while Blake Henke said that Natsuki was his best girl.