We are the seniors, but not with walkers

The mighty, mighty seniors


Kylee Murray, Editor

Senior night, the night everyone looks forward to in his or her high school sports career. This night is dedicated especially to their hard work and commitment. South County senior night occurred on Monday, January 30th. The seniors that night were basketball players Adam Morris, Colin Tillery, and Mark Talbert. Cheerleaders included Tori Menge, Sharon Smith, Kirsten Jones, Elexis White, and Antonio Turner.

The Viper’s opponent this year was North Mac. Mark Talbert, a Waverly student, said that he had been looking forward to his senior night since he watched his first senior night his freshman year.

Nerves tend to get the best of people, and Mark only confirmed this when he admitted he’s always kind of nervous before every game, but this game just had a little more emotional value to him. While nerves can play a roll, so can stress. Talbert gets into his zone as soon as tip-off occurs.

While some could argue the most thrilling point in the game is the last two minutes, Talbert claims the most thrilling moment is before the game even starts. “The lineups when I ran out and hugged my brother before the game was the most thrilling moment.”

“I didn’t really think about it a lot during the game,” commented Talbert referring to the stress. “But once it ended, it hit me hard.” He was sad to realize that this was his last home game of his career. “I’m glad I got to play in my last home game with a great group of guys.”