Send a Crush to YOUR Crush!


Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

At Franklin High School the Junior High Student Council sells Crush sodas to raise money for dances and other activities or needs. They have been conducting this fundraiser during their lunch period this time of the year for the past five years.

The Junior High Student Council students consists of the following members: eighth grade students Kaylee Ford, Chloe Leonard, Brayden Colwell, Cody Spencer, Trenton Sampson, and Logan Mahan; seventh graders Connor McCloud, Eva Smith, and Ella Prince; sixth grade student Issac Long.
According to Mrs. Davenport, the junior high science teacher and representative of the student council, the profits are fairly high considering the amount of students we have. The money that is collected from these sales goes towards junior high dances or any other special projects they do.

About 5 years ago they used the money to get new lockers. If nothing else, it helps the kids get in the mood for valentines day and be nice to one another.

Grape, Orange, and Strawberry are the selections to order. Each soda is sold for 50 cents. The junior high students conducting this fundraiser have a notebook in which they keep track of who bought sodas, how many were bought, what kind of sodas were bought, and who the sodas need to be sent to. When the students order the sodas, they fill out a name tag with the name of the person that should receive the soda. If you are sending the soda to a special someone and want it to be a secret, you don’t have to put your name on it–you can leave them wondering.

Every year, on Valentine’s Day, the Junior High Student Council delivers the Crushes during homeroom.