Small, but mighty

Lenajean Hurst, Staff Writer

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Mrs. Lancaster, the sixth grade teacher at Franklin Junior High School, has coached junior high girls volleyball for the past four years.

As we near the end of yet another junior high girls volleyball season, it is helpful for the players to start reflecting on their performances. Kaylee Ford, an eighth grade player, and Ella Prince, a seventh grade player, both agreed that the sixth grade volleyball team struggles with working together as a team.

Mrs. Lancaster, Kaylee, and Ella all agreed that the team’s best game this season was where they faced Pawnee because they worked together as a team and that made them victorious. However, the worst game played according to both girls and the coach was when they faced Bluffs. Both girls stated that the reason why they probably lost was because they weren’t confident and gave up halfway through the game when they started losing.

While the team faces their struggles, according to Kaylee and Ella, the team succeeds in passing to the setter. To become a better team, though, the coach and both girls said that they need to work on communication among their teammates, build a stronger team bond, play as a team rather than individuals, get control of their passes, and become more familiar with what to do when it comes to positioning.