• HS Boys' Basketball @ Waverly Holiday Tournament on Dec. 26-29

  • HS Boys' Basketball @ Routt on Dec. 21

  • HS Boys' Basketball vs. Winchester @ Waverly on Dec. 18

  • HS Girls' Basketball @ North Mac on Dec. 17

  • HS Boys' Basketball @ JHS Bowl on Dec. 15

  • HS Boys' Basketball @ Lincolnwood on Dec. 14

  • HS Boys' Basketball vs. Greenfield on Dec. 11

  • HS Girls' Basketball @ Calvary on Dec. 11

  • High School Fresh/Soph Basketball vs. Athens

  • Pajama and Movie Day on Dec. 12

  • 2:00 Dismissal December 21st

  • Winter Break December 21st - January 8th

  • Finals December 20th and 21st

Furb is the word

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Furb is the word

Hachi and Pancake have fun with a Nintendo Switch

Hachi and Pancake have fun with a Nintendo Switch

Hachi and Pancake have fun with a Nintendo Switch

Hachi and Pancake have fun with a Nintendo Switch

Leslie Stoeckel, Assistant Editor

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Furbies are something many may know about with Hasbro’s release of Furby Connect back in 2016, but the Furby dates back much farther than just two years ago. Back in February of 1997, Dave Hampton discovered the existence of Tamagotchis at the American International Toy Fair. He failed to be amazed by them, and soon started to design his own children’s toy with the help of Caleb Chung.

Whether or not he knew it immediately, this was the beginning of Furby. Hampton showed his creation to a chairman from Tiger Electronics, and the idea was soon bought and manufactured by Tiger. Furby was originally made to be marketed towards young girls, raspberries being added to the noises the toy made to make them gender neutral.

Adults also loved Furby, so the toy was for every age. When Furby was first sold, they were so popular some stores wouldn’t allow them to be purchased unless a ticket was presented saying the customer could buy a Furby. Furby was popular back when it was released, along with short bursts of popularity throughout 2005, 2012, and 2016.

It only makes sense that many teachers at Franklin High School would be familiar with the product. Most knew what a Furby was, and all familiar with the toy remembered the oldest model when given a visual. The visuals shown to the teachers were my 1998 Furby, Hachi, and 1999 Furby Baby, Pancake.

Ms. Reed was most familiar with only 1998 furbies while Ms. Wiseheart and Mr. Waite remembered both 1998 and 1999 models. Dr. Cobb was unfamiliar with any furby model.

Still, recognition is not everything. Their opinions started to greatly differ when asked what they thought of furbies. Ms. Reed said they were creepy, though this mostly came from only seeing one when she was 5. Ms. Wiseheart and Dr. Cobb said they were kind of strange, while Dr. Cobb continued on to say he thought the toy resembled a gremlin. Mr. Waite thought differently of furbies, stating they were the toy of their era and were nifty.

Finally, when all were asked if they thought furbies were hard to get now, most agreed it shouldn’t be difficult, though Mr. Waite was unsure if they would be harder to obtain if they still worked. When asked if any would want a furby, all decided the toy is not something they need.


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Accessed 28 February 2018.

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Furb is the word