Hobbies at FHS


Taylor Knifley, Staff Writer

Hobbies can be used to clear your head, help you calm down, or even just for fun. People of all ages can have a hobby or partake in some activity that they may not realize could be a hobby.

At FHS most of the students are athletic, so they may say they don’t have time for a hobby, but what they don’t know is that the sport could be their hobby. Mollie Allen, a freshman, participates in sports that are basically her whole life–volleyball and basketball, specifically. She has played basketball since 2nd grade and volleyball since 4th grade. Although she claims to have hobbies outside of sports, these hobbies take up most of her time. Out of the sports she participates in, Mollie prefers volleyball. It takes a lot of speed and agility. Mollie picked up this hobby from watching her older cousin ever since she was younger and decided to play at the YMCA. Mollie partakes in another volleyball club called JNVBC in Jacksonville. When she isn’t playing sports, Mollie likes to enjoy a nice book to make her feel relaxed.

Though sports can be hobbies, there are a plethora of activities that people partake in that are also hobbies. Madie Kesterson, a freshman, loves to take photographs. Madie has been interested in photography since 5th grade. She loves to take pictures of nature, her little sister, and just random things. She picked up this hobby by seeing other pictures on the internet. To partake in this hobby Madie uses her iPhone.

Mrs. Lancaster has multiple hobbies that involve reading and knitting. She loved reading ever since she learned how; though she fostered a love for reading from her mom. She likes to read the books that are made into movies, too, so she can compare the differences. She loves reading because it is very relaxing. Mrs. Lancaster reads a lot during the summer, but not as much during school. Some of her favorite books include the Divergent series, the Selection series, and Harry Potter.