A Fortune-ate Win

Bethany Bergschneider, Staff Writer

It sounds like something out of an inspirational sports movie: before the championship match, one of the players found a Panda Express fortune predicting a happy event. Then, the players upset a team they’d previously lost to, becoming MSM conference champions. Still, as Disney-worthy as this might sound, it actually happened to members of the FHS Scholastic Bowl team at the MSM Conference Championship on February 27.

The FHS scholastic bowl team members after winning the MSM conference championship, with Dwight Nichols holding the fortune.

Senior Dwight Nichols, the captain of the varsity team, says that they played better during that match than they had all season: “There seemed to be an extra, higher level of focus.” Freshman Callie Hughes agrees. “We worked together, and buzzed in more quickly.”

The team defeated Pawnee 190-70 in the first round before their 220-150 victory over Springfield Lutheran.

The match against Pawnee was not as close or intense as the championship round, given that Pawnee was missing the majority of their varsity players. However, the Lutheran match was relatively close all the way throughout.

Ms. Scannell was nervous during the match and tried to send good vibes. However, Dwight Nichols wasn’t nervous at all. “I’ve never been nervous with scholastic bowl, I just answer the questions. I try not to look at the scoreboard, because that will make me nervous, if anything.”

Given that Nichols is a senior, he’s feeling the excitement of a victory at one of his last tournaments. “It feels great,” says Nichols. “It’s the first real hardware I’ve gotten out of scholastic bowl.” Ms. Scannell agrees, saying her favorite part of the event was watching the players succeed. To sum up the whole experience, Hughes shared her feelings about the win: “It felt pretty good, because we got Chick-fil-A after that.”