Russia ‘Putin’ in work for the Winter Olympics


Callie Hughes, Staff Writer

Ah, the Winter Olympics,  a glorious two weeks of sitting on the couch doing nothing while watching other athletes participate in events you wish you could do.  At some point during watching, you may have wondered who the new OAR team that carried an Olympic flag was.

Way back in 2014, at the Sochi Olympics, the Russian Olympic Team was caught doping, which means they were using drugs with the intent to enhance their performance. Freshman Bethany Bergschneider said that it was appalling that the Russian government would approve such measures.   

This doping scandal was the reason they had restrictions put upon them for these games. This ban also meant that they could not represent Russia in any way,  including with colors or their flag. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided that the actions of the team gave good reason to ban the team as a whole, not just the ones that did the doping.

All of the medals that the OAR earned this year also do not count towards the top medal count of all participating countries.

At this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the Russians had another scare and had a player get suspended for suspected use of doping. The curler failed a drug test, but was later reinstated. Bethany also stated that she thought the curler would have learned his lesson after what had happened last year.


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