All About Madeline


Lenajean Hurst, Staff Writer

Madeline Kay Kesterson, also known as Madie, is a freshman that has attended Franklin High School since 2nd grade. She is the daughter of Amanda Kennedy and Rich Kesterson. Madie is also the younger sister of Haley Kennedy and the older sister of Bella Kesterson.

Kesterson believes herself to be entertaining, pretty, shy around people she doesn’t know, and quiet. Taylor Knifley, a friend of Kesterson’s, says Kesterson is blunt and blonde.

Kesterson’s favorite subject in school is Student Publications because she says it’s a chill class, although she is not always interested in what this class is involved in. Kesterson’s least favorite class, however, is Spanish because it’s really early in the morning and she isn’t sure that she will use it in her future plans. Even though Spanish is her least favorite class, she enjoys playing tortuga. Madie explained that tortuga is a game where you get placed in teams and get a number; after this, when Ms. Wisehart says your number, you stand up and answer the review question. If you get it right you receive a shell, which you place on your turtle. If you get the review question wrong then you sit down and the other team gets to try to get the review question right. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins extra credit on the upcoming test.

When Madie isn’t working on homework, she spends her spare time babysitting. She enjoys babysitting because she makes good money from it, and it gives her something to do; plus, she enjoys children. Madie also played volleyball for two years in junior high in her spare time.

Her favorite memory happened in 6th grade when Lacy Smith hopped on her back and made her fall to the ground and then squiggled down the hallway.

Madeline’s future plans are to become a midwife, a person who is trained to assist women in childbirth.