A brother & sister bond

Abigale Trout, Staff Writer

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America Ferrera once said, “Your siblings might grow up with you or not, however, every time you need to help and share, they are always willing to be beside you. There is a lot of things happening every day that might ruin your relationship with your partners, colleagues, mates or friends. When they are not satisfied with the relationship with you, they will leave without any reasons. But, your siblings will not.”

Whenever they’re not stealing your clothes or hogging all of the attention at a family gathering, having a sibling can be one of the best experiences. You might get along or other times they can drive you crazy, but overall you will always love your siblings. Having a sibling, to some people, might mean an unbreakable bond of a lifetime. At Franklin High School most of the students have siblings attending the school.

For the students at Franklin, having a sibling at the same school of them can take on different meanings. Hannah Bloodgood says that she has two siblings that go to Franklin. “I don’t see them during school so it doesn’t bother me that we’re both at the same school,” says Hannah. If there was anything that Hannah would change about her brothers, it would be when ever they need something to ask her mom instead of her. Still, to Hannah, her younger brother Johnny has always been a motivation towards her achievements to get through school, and her brother AJ has always been there for her for someone to talk to when she is going through a tough time.

Jacob Carter has one sibling that he goes to school with. If you were to ask Jacob what his brother’s best quality is he would say nothing, and when asking Jacob what if anything that he would change about his brother, Jacob said, simply everything about him. When I asked Isaac what his brother’s best qualities are, he jokingly responded, “Jacob’s best quality is being short so then it makes me seem a little taller.” If you were to ask Isaac if there is anything that frustrates him that his brother does, he would respond with, “Sometimes I just need my space and away from my brother but he has been a great friend to me also.”

Mason and Alivia Clayton are twins in sixth grade at Franklin. When interviewing them both, they said that they share a close bond with one another. Mason said that it’s a good feeling to be going to school with his sister. While they have quarrels like any other siblings may have, they did show some softness toward one another in a later interview. To make up for how they feel about each other being annoying, they both said that they each believe that the other is skilled and athletic.