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Laugh it off

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Laugh it off

Kyla Ward, Staff Writer

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“I said I didn’t want to go to London because I didn’t know know how to speak England,” Sharon Smith said. Everyone has experienced an embarrassing moment at some point in his or her life, whether old or young.

When Ally Cole gets embarrassed she just laughs it off because there is nothing she can do about it.

Smith, on the other hand, noted that her face will immediately turn red. Smith mentioned that even though she thinks to herself, “Oh my gosh, I am so embarrassed,” she tries to laugh it off and move on.  She admitted to doing a lot of embarrassing things when she was younger, but being a kid she did not get as embarrassed as she would at her age now.

The word embarrassing holds a different meaning for everyone. An embarrassing moment to an older person may not be embarrassing to a younger person, and an embarrassing moment to a younger person maybe not be embarrassing to an older person.

What makes embarrassing moments embarrassing? “Everyone staring at you and laughing,” said Sharon Smith. Cole agreed with that sentiment by explaining when these moments happen “in front of a lot of people” is when she feels most embarrassed. Victoria Menge said, “It is an embarrassing to me when I know people are going to keep talking about it.”

Cole’s most embarrassing moment happened when she was three years old. When she was living out in the country, she went out to her shed with no clothes on to play with her cat’s kittens. The mama cat came back and saw Ally playing with her kittens and she was not happy about the situation. The mama cat attacked Cole and she ended up with claw-marks from the top of her bottom all the way down to the back of her knees.

Not every embarrassing moment has to stick with you, and some are more embarrassing than others. “In 6th grade, I was running a lap around the track field and fell on my face.” Because this was one of Smith’s least embarrassing moments, she does not dwell on it.

Victoria Menge has a lot of embarrassing moments. When I asked her she replied, “Oh god, I have had a lot of them, because I just do weird things all the time. When I was hanging out with Justin Gill at the park, I farted in front of him and he said, ‘I am walking home.'”


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Laugh it off