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Sucrose yet so far

Leslie Stoeckel, Assistant Editor

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They are something we all enjoy. Snacks. Despite this agreement, we can argue which over whether or not snacks should be salty or sweet, crunchy or soft.

We all prefer different things, given how many kinds of snacks there are. Maybe you prefer popcorn. Funnily enough, that is considered the first snack food, according to Knight on UPB. Maybe you like things involving dairy, which is one of many common ingredients in snack foods.

Personally, I prefer blue gummy sharks and Funyuns. Both are different, but sometimes sweet and salty things can become a combination of something you enjoy. Snacks usually aren’t healthy for us, but we already know that. It’s hard to really pin down what has always been a favorite by many because of so many different opinions, though chips seem to be a very popular snack food–a second to chips being peanuts.

Kirsten Wright and Isabella Borcky agreed that Scooby Snacks graham snacks are the best, while pudding cups were a close second. Kirsten insisted, “You didn’t have a childhood if you don’t know what Scooby Snacks are.” While saying they enjoy these snacks, they both admitted they do not have many chances to eat them. In the end, we all agreed snacks can make you happy. It’s not necessarily scientifically backed, but at least they believe.


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Sucrose yet so far