• Freshmen Orientation: Tuesday, June 4 @ 6:30 p.m. in the high school cafeteria

2018-2019 Staff

Abigale Trout

staff writer

Hello, my name is Abigale Trout. This is my senior year at Franklin High School. I am in the following clubs: Drama Club, S.A.D.D., Student Council, and FFA. I like to enjoy my free time sleeping and watching Netflix. My favorite...

Taylor Knifley


Hi, I'm Taylor Knifley. I am a sophomore at FHS. I participate in volleyball. I like to watch Netflix, and my favorite shows are Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars.

Callie Hughes

Sports Writer

Hello, I'm Callie Hughes. I am a second-year student in high school. I like to practice sports, some of which include basketball, golf, and track. I'm in varsity club, student council, and scholastic bowl. I like to wa...

Kyle Jennings


Hi, my name is Kyle Jennings. I am a sophomore at FHS and I am in scholastic bowl. My pugs Griffin and Gidget take up most of my time and most of my Snapchats. I love history, gaming, and The Office.

Bethany Bergschneider


Hi, I'm Bethany Bergschneider! I'm a sophomore and I participate in track, cross country, scholastic bowl, Poetry Out Loud, FFA, and Student Council. There's a lot of things I love to do, but some of my favorites are reading,...

Leslie Stoeckel


Hi, I'm Leslie Stoeckel. I'm a junior and I'm an editor of the FHS newspaper. I'm a part of the scholastic bowl team and I sometimes help out with the chess team when an extra player is needed. I mostly spend my time drawing and...